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  • On this page you will find the decisions, resolutions and positions on topics concerning higher education policies passed by the Committee of Women’s and Gender Studies Institutions in the German-speaking Areas.

    At the 4th Workshop of Women’s and Gender Studies in German-speaking Areas, taking place 30 June – 01 July, 2006 in Frankfurt/Main, a resolution was passed unanimously and sent to the German Chancellor Ms Merkel, the German Minister for Science, Ms Schavan, the German Ministry for Education and Research, the German Federal Government, the 16 German state Governments, the Federal Committee of Women’s Representatives (BuKoF), the German Science Council, the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK), the Bund-Länder Commission for Educational Planning and Research Promotion and the German Ministers of Culture and Education Conference (KMK). The resolution requests the named institutions to make a special effort to launch a new programme that secures equality of opportunity for women in Science and Academia with the support of the federal government, beginning in 2007. To that effect, the German states and universities are asked to provide funding for the development of Women’s and Gender Studies institutions and centres and to guarantee the achievement of this cross-sectionary task by anchoring gender equality in aims-and-objectives agreements. The entire text of the resolution can be found here (German).