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  • Canon Building in PhD programmes of Women’s and Gender Studies (PhDs)
    For Gender Studies PhD students, the workshops of the Committee of Women’s and Gender Studies Institutions in German-speaking Areas provide an opportunity to network and mutually exchange information and experiences. In addition to specialist dialogues, PhDs especially welcome the opportunity to discuss their own situatedness within institutions and the overall organisation of gender Studies. Institutionalisation of Women’s and Gender Studies in the German-speaking areas is still slow and Gender specialists are still scientifically marginalised (eg few vacancies, insecure future perspectives within academia, unpaid teaching etc). For this reason, the working group PhDs holds that it is not only necessary to protect Gender Studies within academia. It is imperative to create visibility of PhDs and their experiences within Gender Studies. At this point of time, Gender PhDs establish closer links among the different PhD programmes in Germany and Switzerland.

    Sven Glawion: sven.glawion@rz.hu-berlin.de